Compiler's Note

The "Chinese Textus Receptus Bible" is a translation based on the King James Bible, with literal translation as the guiding principle.
Since 2010, this version has undergone two significant updates, both based on the King James Bible and using terms from the Chinese Union Version as the primary Chinese vocabulary for translation. After the publication of the second edition of the Chinese King James Version (CKJV) in 2015, the compiler began to reconsider the sources of Chinese words. With the conscience of a sincere translator, decisions were made to revise some familiar but inaccurate Chinese usages, including most personal names, place names, and some important nouns, to align with the common practices of translators of the Textus Receptus Bible. In order to better reflect the original intent of the blueprint, we even dared to invent some new Chinese terms; you will experience these nuances and reflections as you read this Bible.
Although this translation can be considered the third update of the Chinese King James Version, i.e., the third edition of the Chinese King James Version, the term "Chinese Textus Receptus Bible" is deemed more appropriate as it aligns with the original intention of the translation and the characteristic of being accepted by the public, without the need for authoritative authorization.
Thank you for supporting our work by purchasing the "Chinese Textus Receptus Bible". We hope that through reading this Bible, you will draw closer to the work of God.
Compiler: Ivan
January 2024 in Hong Kong