Bible : Realm of Lyricism, Continuation of Stories


Sixteen years have swiftly passed, youth's recklessness no more. 
The pact with him, deeply cherished in the heart. Words, honed through the years, piercing, dissecting, refining resolve, steadfast and melodious. 
Long awaited, the sword is wielded for the journey. The Bible, like musical notes, resonating in the soul, longing to guide our reunion. 
Sixteen years fleeting, every word a labor of love. Hoping no more hesitation, following the footsteps of the Bible. 
Challenging the unknown, embracing the new dawn, verses stretching endlessly. 
Waiting for you, I'm ready to embark, on the journey of growth, accompanying the Bible. 
This is his story, your story, my story woven into psalms. Inviting you to read the Bible together, hoping for tears to turn into joys on the day of reunion.


The Chinese Textus Receptus Bible (Chinese King James Bible Third Edition) was released in early 2024